Wild Sultan Mac

Is Wild Sultan compatible Mac in no download version?

YES - Whether you have a Macbook Pro, a Macbook Air or an iMac you can play to Wild Sultan in the browser (no download). Click here to play

Is there a downloadable version for Mac?

NO - Unfortunately, there is no "downloadable" version compatible with Mac OS X at this time (only Windows). View compatible casinos

Can we play to Wild Sultan on iPhone or iPad (iOS)?

YES - Wild Sultan is available on your iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. I can tell you that it is pretty cool! Click here to play

Casino characteristics at a glance

Netent, Rival,
100 $/£
Accepted players
English, South African, New Zealander, Australian, Canadian, Indian, Irish

Review of Wild Sultan on Mac

, last update 11/10/2015

Wild Sultan is definitely my new NetEnt favorite casino: it is incredibly fast and has super cool features. The founders apparenlty developed the frontend entirely in JS, making it super fast.

They also added cool features like the volatily of the slot machines, the RTP, and the live RTP of the slots for the last 24h.

For now, I think filters on the slot machine pages are missing. But they are working on it according to what the customer support told me.

The bonus? Get a 100% bonus up to 100€/$, with no condition on withdrawals. 

Oh, and by the way, withdrawals are validated within 24h on WildSultan. I requested a withdrawal and got paid on the same day (later on the day)...


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